Session to discuss Belarusian parliamentary election

MIL OSI – Source: President of the Republic of Belarus –

Headline: Session to discuss Belarusian parliamentary election

Belarus’ election legislation complies with
international principles, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said at the
session held on 24 May to discuss the preparations for the elections to the
House of Representatives and the Council of the Republic of the National
Assembly of the sixth convocation.The
head of state emphasized that “Belarus’ legislation complies with international
principles and takes into account the national electoral rules and traditions.”
“We take it for granted and, consequently, keep silent sometimes. However, there
is no place for modesty on this issue. We need to talk about it,” the head of
state noted. Alexander Lukashenko voiced his opinion regarding the coverage of
the election campaign. “There should not be any secrets from anyone,” he
said.Little time is left till the
official start of the election campaign. The president noted that in accordance
with the legislation, the date of the election should be announced no later than
on 10 June. “Of course, corresponding decisions will be made on time. There will
be no problems here,” he said.The
preparations for the election campaign are regularly discussed at the level of
the head of state. This time the session focused on the steps that had been
already made, the fulfillment of instructions to improve the election process,
the readiness of organizers of this important social and political event.
Interstate procedures and OCSE recommendations to streamline the election
process were discussed about a month ago.

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