Draft laws to put in place conditions for enhancing Russia’s business climate submitted to State Duma

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Headline: Draft laws to put in place conditions for enhancing Russia’s business climate submitted to State Duma

Both draft laws are based on proposals from the Working Group to Monitor and Analyse Law Enforcement Practice in Entrepreneurial Activity, established in accordance with the Presidential
instruction of February 16, 2016.

The draft Federal Law On Amendments to the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedural Code
aims to help put in place the conditions for creating a favourable business
climate in Russia, reduce potential risks involved in entrepreneurial activity,
and exclude the possibility for pressuring business using criminal prosecution.

The draft law will amend the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedural Code by increasing the amount of damage considered grounds
for opening a criminal case for economic crimes, increasing the threshold amount
of unpaid taxes sufficient for opening a criminal case for tax crimes, and allowing businesspeople taken into custody or put under house arrest to see a notary.

The draft law will also make amendments aimed
at implementing the Russian Constitutional Court decision of December 11, 2014,
which identified unconstitutional aspects of the rules on criminal liability
for fraud in entrepreneurial activity.

Adoption of this draft federal law will put in place real conditions for compensating damage caused by entrepreneurs’ unlawful
actions and free businesspeople from criminal liability for economic crimes,
provide additional guarantees of entrepreneurs’ rights and protection of their
business interests while criminal cases are in progress, and prevent potential
abuses by officials carrying out criminal prosecution of entrepreneurs.

The amendments contained in the draft Federal Law On Amendments to Article 18 of the Federal
Law On Detention of Persons Suspected and Accused of Committing Crimes
and Article 7.27 of the Code of Administrative
Offences of the Russian Federation
concern guarantees for the right of entrepreneurs in custody to see a notary and will bring the legislation into
conformity with the Constitutional Court ruling of December 11, 2014.

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