Government approves the initiative of the Ministry of Finance to implement the “Single Window” procedure at the customs

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Headline: Government approves the initiative of the Ministry of Finance to implement the “Single Window” procedure at the customs

The Government has decided to implement
the automated Single Window system at the customs starting from August 1,

The Ministry of Finance has been pursuing the systemic
reform of the customs service aimed to eradicate corruption, to prevent
smuggling and customs rules violations, to automate customs operations, to
simplify customs procedures, to improve customs contacts with other countries
etc. With this purpose the Ministry of Finance elaborated a draft law on
authorized economic operators (AEO) which was unanimously adopted by the
Parliament. Also, a procedure for the automatic distribution of customs
declarations was implemented and a number of international agreements on mutual
customs assistance were signed. The next step in this direction is the
implementation of the automated customs processing system Single Window.

The adopted Governments decree stipulates that all kinds of
control (customs, sanitary, phytosanitary, ecological, radiological etc.) are
to be carried out using the customs IT system. It significantly simplifies and
speeds up customs procedures, since the united electronic database enables
various authorities and customs offices to automatically exchange information
about goods passing the Ukrainian border.

According to the decree, controlling authorities have 4
hours to decide to examine a consignment. Otherwise the principle of default
consent is applied, i.e. the IT system automatically grants release which is
the reason to complete the customs control and customs clearance.

Also, goods are examined simultaneously by all agencies not
later than in 24 hours after the time proposed by the respective economic

Thus, the implementation of the Single Window procedure at
the customs makes it possible to simplify and to reduce the number of customs
formalities, to reduce their duration, to minimize the human factor in
decision-making by customs offices and other controlling authorities as well as
to delete opportunities for corruption and to foster international trade.

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