MIL OSI – Source: European Economic and Social Committee –

Headline: Report

The ECI DAY 2016 took a close look at the state of the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) four years after it was first launched. There was a clear division between the European Commission, which has concluded that more time and reflection are needed to review the terms and conditions of the ECI Regulation 11/2011, and other EU institutions, campaigners and civil society partners, who called for a revision of the ECI as a necessary step towards helping this instrument to grow and become more efficient and accessible to citizens.

During the conference, participants were asked to fill in two voting cards, labelled “ECI: greatest success” and “ECI: greatest disappointment” to share their ideas about the strengths and hopes that are associated with the ECI today and suggest areas where there is room for improvement. Please find below a summary of their answers.

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