Working meeting with Governor of Amur Region Alexander Kozlov

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Headline: Working meeting with Governor of Amur Region Alexander Kozlov

Mr Kozlov said that investment rose by 253
billion rubles in 2015, with around 77 billion rubles of this amount going into
the energy and space sectors. The gross regional product and the construction
sector also posted growth. The second unit at the Blagoveshchensk Thermal Power
Plant came on line, and the second unit at the Nizhne-Bureyskaya Hydroelectric
Power Plant is now 80-percent complete, with work in progress to settle the question of forest clearing and of the water reservoir’s bed. Construction of an agricultural produce processing plant was also discussed.

Mr Kozlov said that many new social facilities
were completed in the region in 2015, including the surgical and children’s
buildings at the clinical hospital, and a kindergarten built for an intake of 340 children. Investors and extra-budgetary sources contributed to the construction of three indoor year-round ice rinks in the region.

The region takes part in the Gazprom for Children programme and, through this programme plans to build another new swimming pool and give each district a new football field.

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