Meeting with Vladimir Fortov and Mikhail Kotyukov

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Headline: Meeting with Vladimir Fortov and Mikhail Kotyukov

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Fortov, Mr Kotyukov. We have met to talk
about the coordination of efforts between the Academy of Sciences and FASO,
about your achievements and problems, if any, on which we should focus. And then, we need to discuss the upcoming elections to the Academy of Sciences.

President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Fortov: Mr President, thank you for finding
the time to meet with us. Please accept one more recently published book as a gift.

There are two bookmarks inside, one
marking the development of our civilization and the other the theory of population growth. There are various views on these issues, and this is why I have written this book jointly with Sergei Kapitsa.

Vladimir Putin: Thank you very much.

 So, who will be the first to speak?

Vladimir Fortov: Mr President, the situation is like this. Two and a half years of reform have passed. This is both the time that has elapsed and the (jail) term
served, as [famous comic writer] Zhvanetsky says. We need to sum up some
results and see what in fact we have achieved.

I believe that we have managed to do
a great deal. Our main achievement is that we have set in motion your
instructions on implementing reforms smoothly. This was difficult to do,
because ongoing reforms are the largest and most difficult in the academy’s history.
I believe that we have succeeded so far.

To be

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