Men suspected of fraud were detained by Unit “K” policemen in Smolensk

MIL OSI – Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English – Press Release/Statement

Headline: Men suspected of fraud were detained by Unit “K” policemen in Smolensk

Owing to the highly proficient meticulous work, the police revealed facts of frauds in the Internet that had caused damage approximating 1 million rubles.
Fight against cybercrime remains a top-priority area for the Russian MIA Administration for the Smolensk Region. Malefactors invent new ways to deceive trustful citizens over and over again. Therefore, Unit “K” policemen continuously carry out work aimed to detect, suppress and solve crimes perpetrated in the high-tech area.
Thus, as a result of the investigation and search measures, the police revealed a fact of fraudulent actions that had caused damage in the amount of about 1 million rubles.
As was established, since early 2016 the suspects had created fake accounts on dating sites and started corresponding with citizens registered on those sites on behalf of a young woman. The communication was carried out only with married men mostly residing in Moscow.
The malefactors’ main objective was to receive mobile phone numbers of such men. After a while, they called on the victims’ telephones. An unknown man presenting him as an investigator of a division of internal affairs for Moscow, informed a victim about an application filed to the investigation unit. According to the “policeman”, the girl whom the men had corresponded with on the website was a minor. Her parents learnt that their 15-year old daughter had communicated with men on dating sites and called the police.
The victims were allegedly charged with offenses stipulated by Article 135 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Depraved actions”. The malefactor who presented himself as an investigator showed understanding towards the problem arisen and informed the victim about a possibility to solve it peacefully. For that purpose, he gave the telephone number of that girl’s father to the victims.
Talking to the parent whose role was performed by another malefactor, the men learnt that the teenager needed psychological aid and gave their consent to pay for the treatment. The cost of the treatment totaled 30,000 rubles and more.
After the payment arrived to the account stated by the malefactors, they usually stopped the communication. However, in some cases the alleged investigator called a victim again and informed him that the duty unit had preserved the audio record of the parents’ complaint. To destroy that record, the malefactor presenting himself as a duty officer also demanded money. After the payment, the malefactors stopped the communication with the victim.
The fraudsters had selected victims from among married men, which was why no one of those deceived applied to the police. Only the properly planned measures carried out at a high professional level enabled policemen of Unit “K” of the Russian MIA Administration for the Smolensk Region to detect that fact and identify the malefactors.
The two suspects – previously convicted residents of Smolensk born in 1990 and 1982 were detained at a rented apartment when they were committing another offense. At the moment, the police are establishing the location of the third suspect.
The police searched the malefactors and seized bank cards, SIM cards, mobile telephones, a PC, and a notebook with the victims’ telephone numbers and amounts of money received.
The police established the detained men’s involvement in six instances of fraud. At the moment, the work for documenting episodes of the malefactors’ criminal activity continues.
The Investigation Division of the Russian MIA Administration for Smolensk initiated criminal cases according to Parts 2 and 3 Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Fraud”. The maximum punishment stipulated by this article is imprisonment for up to six years.