Working meeting with Dmitry Medvedev

MIL OSI – Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English – Press Release/Statement

Headline: Working meeting with Dmitry Medvedev

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr
Medvedev, we are closely following economic developments and know that the national
currency has become somewhat stronger.The ruble is
growing stronger despite certain price volatility on commodity markets. In this
context, of course, we must think about what we should do and how we should do
it in connection with this factor.Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Medvedev DmitryPrime Minister of the Russian Federation : Mr
President, we have a plan for this year and we are carrying it out. It provides
for support of the real economy, small and medium-sized businesses, which is
very important for this class of entrepreneurs, and non-resource exports, which
is also vital in the current situation.Incidentally,
these non-resource exports are affecting our revenues to a much bigger extent.
In other words, the share of revenue from these exports has considerably grown in the past few years. This is linked both with the dynamics of oil prices and the increased supply of manufactured goods that we are exporting abroad.Vladimir Putin: The Government is starting active
work on the budget. We are returning to three-year planning. I hope all the factors will be taken into account in the near and mid-term perspective.Dmitry Medvedev: Absolutely. We have already started
working on the budgets for 2017, 2018 and 2019, and indeed, are returning to three-year forecasting, which gives us a wider planning horizon. And,
certainly, we will conduct a series of meetings to consider all the factors
that exist in the economy today.I will
conduct such meetings in Moscow today and tomorrow and in the next two