The country needs people who prefer to check the information they get

MIL OSI – Source: Government of Ukraine – Press Release/Statement

Headline: The country needs people who prefer to check the information they get

25 July, the 24th outdoor training on information
intelligence and OSINT techniques for journalists, bloggers and public activists
of the city and region was held in Odesa.

Practical training was held by Advisor to the Minister of
information policy of Ukraine Dmytro Zolotukhin (independent expert in information warfare and
competitive intelligence, founder of “” project, head
of “OSINT Academy” platform).

During 4 hours more than 70 participants learned how to use
the Open Source Intelligence techniques (intelligence on open data). In
particular, the participants analyzed the fake accounts of bots on social networks,
the methods of creation and recognition of fake data, instantaneous selection
of “screenshots”; they learned to search for information about
competitive bidding and candidates to the position of people’s deputies,
politicians, and the like aiming to conduct anti-corruption studies; they
explored the URL addresses and worked with the “invisible Internet”
for revealing hidden information on the websites, and etc.

The workshops were held in 19 cities of Ukraine for more
than 900 participants.

“The total corruption at all levels and the hybrid war
(in the sense of permanent dissemination of irrelevant information) are threats
to the public. At the same time, the continuous informational pressing like
“betrayal” and “victory”, the events in the East of the
country, and more are the problem for the Ukrainians. I am convinced that the
state institutions are not able to protect us from these problems, so, they can
only be solved by the civil society for today. This motivates to conduct such
training because the country needs people who not just believe the politicians
and the television, but prefer to check the received information”, – Dmytro Zolotukhin explains the
purpose of the project in the interview for the “Halytskyi
korespondent” (“The Galicia
correspondent”) newspaper.

The educational event in Odesa was
organized by the team of “Impact Hub Odessa” in the framework of
cooperation of the “Kyiv dialoh”
(“Kyiv dialogue”) and “OSINT Academy” projects.