Report of Belarus’ Prosecutor General Alexander Konyuk

MIL OSI – Source: President of the Republic of Belarus – Press Release/Statement

Headline: Report of Belarus’ Prosecutor General Alexander Konyuk

23 August 2016

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko heard out an
extended report from Prosecutor General Alexander Konyuk on 23 August. The
report covered the crime control situation and the performance of the
prosecution service.Representatives of
other power-wielding agencies, top officials of the Belarus President
Administration and the State Secretariat of the Security Council were also
present during the meeting.According to
Alexander Lukashenko, the extended report was necessitated by the recent
profound reform of the Belarusian law enforcement system. “I am interested in
how the prosecution service has been working since then. I would like to learn
how effectively the prosecution service operates in new conditions after the
reform and the structural changes,” said the President.After the report Alexander Konyuk told media that oversight
efforts of the prosecution service tend to increasingly focus on economic
affairs. “It causes certain difficulties, special skills are needed. The
President appreciated the state of affairs in the prosecution service on the
whole, yet some drawbacks need to be addressed,” stressed Alexander
Konyuk.Apart from that, the meeting
touched upon the crime control situation, some personnel matters, and
preparations for the coordinating conference of prosecutors general of the CIS
states that will take place in Minsk in early September. Speaking about the most
important items on the agenda of the forum from Belarus’ point of view, the
Prosecutor General mentioned the collection of overdue external accounts
receivable.Meanwhile, the crime
situation has not virtually changed in comparison with last year’s. As a
positive thing Alexander Konyuk mentioned the lower number of murders. On the
whole, the number of crimes in Belarus has been falling for the last five