In September the Government to submit a draft law on 2017 State Budget to Parliament

MIL OSI – Source: Government of Ukraine – Press Release/Statement

Headline: In September the Government to submit a draft law on 2017 State Budget to Parliament

This month the Government is due to submit a draft law on
the State Budget for 2017 to the Parliament. The Cabinet of Ministers expects
the synergy with the Parliament and approval of a real, honest budget in
taking into account the real state of economy, containing an investment
component to trigger growth.” This was announced by Prime Minister of
Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during A Question Time for the Government on Friday,
September 9.

Volodymyr Groysman told about the main priorities determined
in the draft budget.

“Surely, the first priority is the security and defense”, said the Head of Government. Moreover, the
plans for next year include large-scale construction of roads with changing a
funding system. Another point on the list is to prolong decentralization
process preserving the positive changes.

A separate
issue is the support of energy efficiency which implies the security, energy
independence of our country.

“We intend
to draw considerable resource, including from international partners, in the
Fund which can be established due to the adoption of the law on Energy
Efficiency Fund,” stressed the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

production also requires support and it concerns small farms. The amount of
such support will amount about UAH 5 billion or 1% of the gross agricultural
products. The Prime Minister stressed the need to create added value in
Ukraine, and this resource can be used, in particular, to support domestic
agricultural machine-building.

attention will be given to the Ukrainian education. “We must provide high
quality education for children in kindergartens, schools, vocational
institutions and higher educational institutions. We should create a
high-quality state sponsorship, which will correspond with training staff in
our educational institutions and the needs of the labour
market that is absent today”, noted Volodymyr Groysman and informed that for
consideration of the MPs will tabled a proposal to raise salaries for teachers.

The Government
will focus next year on infrastructure projects, filling the Regional
Development Fund together with local budgets to implement relevant programmes.

The Prime
Minister spoke about the development of an effective model of reforming the remuneration
system: “I believe that wages of Ukrainians are undervalued. We have some
things to work out in order to offer an effective model. I want to assure you,
as soon as we complete this work, well present it to
the Ukrainian Parliament and will ask for your assistance because it will be impossible
for us to do without changes in laws”.

At that the
Head of Government reminded that from December 1, 2016, all social standards – the
minimum wage and pension – will grow by 10 percent.

“We see
2017 as the year of growth. As it is vital to demonstrate synergy and draft an
action plan for the development of Ukraine. Because Ukraine and Ukrainians are
above all”, stressed Volodymyr Groysman. He urged to stop all the political strife and
do utmost to ensure normal wages, pensions, and stability of the economy capable
to finance a strong Ukrainian army and to facilitate Ukraine to become a
democratic European state”.

have an ambitious plan and we are looking forward to the support of the MPs of
Ukraine. Without you, without changes in the law, without the support of the
budget it will be difficult for us to succeed”, Volodymyr Groysman
appealed to the MPs of Ukraine.