Legends’ Race – Biathlon Stars for Peace festival

MIL OSI – Source: President of the Republic of Belarus – Press Release/Statement

Headline: Legends’ Race – Biathlon Stars for Peace festival

18 September 2016

Belarus President
Alexander Lukashenko took note of the growing popularity of the Legends’ Race –
Biathlon Stars for Peace festival as he met with the participants of the sport
event at the National Olympic Center Raubichi on 18 September.
“I am convinced that there
will be a contest for the participation in this amateur summer biathlon in
Raubichi next year,” the President noted.
Alexander Lukashenko stressed
that the organization of the festival in Belarus became possible also thanks to
the initiative of three-time Olympic champion, Hero of Belarus Darya
Domracheva. The event is, first of all, for professional retired athletes who
are still ready to show their best at a high level. “This event is for you. It
has been organized for you. It pursues one goal which is to prolong your sports
life,” said the President.
Alexander Lukashenko is
confident that such competitions can serve a good example and add motivation to
active sportsmen. “We would like to see our active athletes meeting your level.
We are still slightly behind. But we will catch up,” the Belarusian leader
He added that the Legends’
Race enjoys great popularity with biathlon fans.
Alexander Lukashenko received
several presents, among which was a group photo of the prominent athletes, the
participants of the festival, with their autographs. The President also
received a present from Norwegian biathlete Ole Einar Bjoerndalen and his wife
Darya Domracheva. “Darya could not come to the festival but she prepared a
present from our family,” he said. “She has a good reason to be absent here,”
the President answered. Alexander Lukashenko also noted that the biggest
present for him and the world biathlon in general would be if the talent of the
children of these two outstanding athletes surpassed the one of their parents.
The head of state also
watched a number of biathlon races.