New Year Address to the Nation

MIL OSI – Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English – Press Release/Statement

Headline: New Year Address to the Nation

of Russia Vladimir Putin: Citizens
of Russia, friends,The year 2016 is coming to a close. It was
a challenging year, but the difficulties we faced have brought us together and allowed us to reveal enormous resources for our movement forward.The main thing is that we believe in ourselves, in our strengths and in our country. We are working, and working
successfully, and we are achieving much. I would like to thank you for the victories and achievements, for your understanding and trust, and for your
true, sincere care for Russia.We have a vast, unique and wonderful
country! We are united by common concerns and common joys, by our long-standing
good tradition of meeting the New Year with our families and with hope for the best.But not everyone is at the holiday table
today. Many of our citizens are away from home, ensuring Russia’s security,
working at enterprises, on duty in hospitals, ad operating trains and aircraft.
I would like to convey my very best wishes for the New Year to all those who
are now fulfilling their labour and military duties.Dear friends,We are excitedly awaiting the sound of the chimes of the Moscow Kremlin, and we feel the march of time and the approaching
future more clearly than ever before. We experience this only during these
moments, during this wonderful and beloved holiday.Meanwhile, New Year has its own secrets.
For instance, each of us may become something of a magician on the night of the New Year. To do this we simply need to treat our parents with love and gratitude, take care of our children and families, respect our colleagues at work, nurture our friendships, defend truth and justice, be merciful and help
those who are in need of support. This is the whole secret.May our dreams, heavenly thoughts and good
intentions come true. May joy and love reign in every home. May our beloved
streets, cities and villages become even more beautiful.Peace and prosperity to our common, great
homeland, Russia. Happiness, health and wellbeing to each of you.Happy New Year 2017!