On New Year's Eve, policemen visited people rescued by them

MIL OSI – Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English – Press Release/Statement

Headline: On New Year's Eve, policemen visited people rescued by them

“The New Year is the time of unexpected and pleasant surprises. The policemen’s visits, mostly with New Year presents, on the eve of the holiday have become those welcome surprises for some families,” said Russian MIA official representative Irina Volk.
Police Lieutenant Aliy Borsov and Police Junior Lieutenant Artem Davidyan came to visit a family of pensioners from Maykop. In early December, the officers had rescued the spouses and their 7-year old granddaughter from the burning house. And the story was as follows.
Patrolling the territory, the inspectors of the Road Patrol Service of the MIA for the Republic of Adygea noticed clouds of smoke above one of the houses. Having arrived at the scene, they first of all found out whether there were people inside. Having established that there were people in the house, they started the rescue.
Immediately after the evacuation of the residents from the burning house, the household gas cylinder in the kitchen exploded. Had the policemen not arrived in time, there would have been no way to escape the trouble.
In that tragedy, the householder suffered burns, and his wife had a heart seizure due to the great shock. The grandparents worried most of all about their granddaughter. However, owing to the policemen’s professional actions, the girl was safe and sound.
And there Aliy Borsov and Artem Davidyan came again to their house. This time, the occasion was pleasant. The spouses needed some time to recognize their rescuers – they had experienced a tremendous shock on that tragic day. While the girl, on the contrary, rushed to them gladly greeting the policemen. And this is no wonder: the policemen came not empty-handed.
“Owing to the policemen’s visit, all members of the family felt the true New Year mood and sincerely thanked the guests for that,” said Irina Volk.
Another case with a happy final happened to 10-year old Egor Guryanov in the Republic of Tatarstan. The boy now has two birthdays – the day when he was actually born, and January 18 when policemen rescued him from sure death.
On January 17 at about 03:00 AM the Duty Unit of the Russian MIA Division for the Zelenodolsky District received the information about a child seen on railroad tracks in the area of the Shirdany station. The driver of a passing train noticed the boy who had been obstinately walking against the wind and the snowstorm on the rail sleepers covered with snow.
Precinct police officer of Police Unit “Nizhniye Vyazovye” of the Russian MIA Division for the Zelenodolsky District Firnat Burganov and employee of the Kazan Linear Administration for Transport of the Russian MIA Evgeny Andreev were immediately sent to search the boy. Together with railway workers, they inspected the area of the tracks specified by the driver of the passing train, having walked over five kilometers, but the child was nowhere about. According to Firnat Burganov, the search was complicated by the blizzard – the traces on the snow were immediately covered with snow.
“We were aware that the boy could not have walked far away in such weather,” said Firnat Burganov. “But we also realized that every minute counted in such situation!”
Despite the blizzard, the policemen decided to comb the buildings of the gardening society located nearby the railroad branch: they assumed that the child could have gone there hoping to get warm. The precinct police officer’s intuition was right – they soon found the lost boy by one of the houses. The boy lied in the snow in a near-unconscious state. It was obvious that he had ceased resisting the cold. Another 15-20 minutes, and the child would have been completely covered with snow.
The policemen wrapped up the sufferer into their jackets, provided him first aid and delivered him to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed the 3rd degree frostbite of the extremities. The doctors did their best to save Egor’s legs.
Children’s inspectors found out that in the evening on January 17 the child had gone from Zelenodolsk to his grandmother living nearby the Albaba station. However, he had been late for the train and decided to reach the place on foot. The resolute boy had not been daunted by the distance of nearly 40 kilometers to the destination point. However, Egor had turned the wrong way at a fork and had lost his way.
“Rescued Egor Guryanov feels all right today: he goes to school, plays football with his agemates, and recalls the events that happened almost a year ago with a smile. Egor maintains good relations with his rescuer Firnat Burganov until now. The precinct police officer is always a welcome and honored guest in the Guryanov family,” commented Irina Volk.
On the eve of the holiday, the policeman visited his charge and congratulated him on the coming New Year. Together with the Father Frost with shoulder boards and the Snow Maiden, he presented sweet gifts and the New Year mood to the boy.
Probably, eight-year old Olya living in a village of the Krasnodar Territory felt at least the same joy when the Kuban policemen visited her. Policemen of a squadron of the Road Patrol Service of the Korenovsky District Police Senior Lieutenants Vitaly Sokolov and Aleksandr Sigida became the true guardian angels for the girl’s relatives.
And the story was as follows. An accident happened with the girl in September: playing with her agemates outdoors, she wounded her arm. The bleeding was heavy. Her relatives decided to take the girl to the hospital by car, but on their way the child started losing consciousness due to the severe blood loss. The Traffic Police inspectors who were on duty on the highway got involved in the situation. They organized the prompt delivery of the sufferer to the municipal hospital where she was awaited by a team of doctors who had been notified of the incident.
The pensioners are still shuddering to recall the horror they had to experience and cannot even imagine how they could have lived if they had not met the policemen that day.
Today, the large Kuntysh family is preparing to meet the New Year. The only reminder of that terrible day is the scar on Olya’s arm that she shyly shows to her rescuers.
“The meeting took place at tea, in a warm atmosphere, with a lot of touching moments. While the adults shared their impressions, the ‘hero’ was playing with the doll presented to her by the policemen,” Russian MIA official representative continued the story.
Olya thanked the policemen and confessed that that was the very present she had asked from the Father Frost.
13-year old Anya Baykova living in the Krasnodar Territory also received presents. Although her life has become the main gift she has got from the policemen.
In April, the girl got trapped in waters. Happily, Andrey Butskevich who was on a leave in village Vagyno of the Bogotolsky District heard her calls for help. Without thinking, the man rushed into water, carried Anya to the bank, provided necessary aid to her, and delivered the girl to her parents. It would be impossible to express the gladness felt by the Baykov spouses when they saw their rescued child.
And there, on the eve of the New Year, Deputy Chief of the Investigation Division of Intermunicipal Division “Bogotolsky” of the Russian MIA Major of Justice Andrey Butskevich visited the school where the girl is studying and delivered to her the present from the Police Father Frost. Congratulating the schoolgirl on the coming holiday, the policeman wished her not only to receive good grades, but also to never get in such situations.
Anya Baykova thanked the Major once again for his commitment and wished professional success and the New Year mood to all policemen.
All the above families avoid recollecting the experience they went through in the outgoing year and feel hopeful for the new year.