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Meeting with Presiding Judge of the Supreme Court Valentin Sukalo

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MIL OSI – Source: President of the Republic of Belarus – Press Release/Statement

Headline: Meeting with Presiding Judge of the Supreme Court Valentin Sukalo

17 July 2017

Belarus President
Alexander Lukashenko met with Presiding Judge of the Supreme Court Valentin
Sukalo on 17 July. The meeting focused on the performance of the national court
system after general courts and economic courts were merged, further
optimization of the court system, and ways to improve law enforcement practice
in a number of areas.The head of
state said: “I am most of all concerned about the merger of our courts although
it happened a long time ago. I would like you to tell me about the current state
of affairs.”Alexander Lukashenko
also asked Valentin Sukalo about possible dangerous trends in the economy
bearing in mind the cases the courts deal with. “I would like to know your point
of view and your opinion about the work of your colleagues — those, who bring
cases to courts, particularly criminal cases. I wonder whether dangerous trends
in the economy are emerging or are in place. Economic courts should be able to
see such trends depending on what cases they have to deal with,” said the
president.Valentin Sukalo said
that the merged court system has worked in this manner in Belarus for three
years already. All the main issues have been dealt with, primarily the uniform
law enforcement and court proceedings as a whole. “The three-year period has
demonstrated that we are adapted. Today the court system is rather stable,
rational, and manageable from the organizational point of view,” assured the
presiding judge of the Supreme Court of Belarus.Positive changes have happened as far as the quality and timely
justice in general courts and economic courts are concerned. A set of measures
has been sketched out in order to allow the court system to faster restore the
violated rights of citizens. First of all, measures will be taken to reduce the
number of cases when litigation is postponed, suspended, and rescheduled. “We
will do everything in order to get lawsuits, particularly civil ones, over with
in two court sessions at most,” noted Valentin Sukalo.The structural optimization of the Belarusian court
system was also discussed during the meeting. The Supreme Court and the oblast
courts will be optimized. The current number of judges, which is comparatively
low, will be preserved. Thus, only high-ranking courts will be optimized. The
judicial manpower and the quality of justice will be preserved. The head of
state approved of the approach.Valentin Sukalo told media after the meeting that the court
system is ready to operate in new conditions after the optimization. “We have
presented the entire legal base for approval. If the documents are approved, we
will start working in new conditions as from 1 August. It is the date set by the
head of state,” said the official.Bankruptcy and ways to improve the efficiency of this
instrument were also discussed during the meeting. It was decided that the
matter would be revised at a later date.The president was also informed about a number of criminal
cases, the quality of which pre-trial investigation he keeps an eye on.Alexander Lukashenko was also interested
in progress in building a new Supreme Court building in Minsk. The work began in
October 2016 and proceeds ahead of schedule. The work is expected to finish by 7
November 2018.

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