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Visit to OAO Kamvol

By   /   December 8, 2017  /   Comments Off on Visit to OAO Kamvol

MIL OSI – Source: President of the Republic of Belarus – Press Release/Statement

Headline: Visit to OAO Kamvol

8 December 2017

Belarus President
Alexander Lukashenko praised the results of the project to modernize OAO
Kamvol. At the same time, he pointed to the need to finish the project and to
continue the development of the company. The head of state made the statement
during the visit to the enterprise in Minsk
on 8 December.
“I have come to congratulate you on the completion of the great
modernization project. We launched it long ago, faced many difficulties.
Different things happened. I think that we have done everything to reach our
main goal, which is to produce good fabrics,” the head of state said as he met
with the personnel of the enterprise.
The president explained that the decision to upgrade OAO Kamvol was made
for two reasons. “First, people have been working and are working here, i.e.
they need jobs. That is why we have launched the modernization of this
enterprise. Second, we could not lose this business and forget our best
practices. I think it is a crime when the state forgets the things it can do
well. It is a bad sign and bad memory of the government,” the Belarusian leader
According to Alexander Lukashenko, he has not decided yet if he is fully
satisfied with the results of work. “I have postponed the visit to your
enterprise several times. But today I thought that, perhaps, you had finished
the project already and I should see the results,” the president said. “Looking
at you, I can say that you are not fully satisfied with the condition of the
factory. It is right. We have not finished yet, it will be better in a year. In
a year we will say that this is an efficient enterprise making good fabrics and
selling them on global markets, we will say that you have normal salaries. We
are at the beginning of our journey right now.”
At the same time, the head of state praised the fact that there are
enough workers to ensure the smooth production process. “There no problems, the
situation is not a catastrophe. There are enough people willing to work at this
clean and nice factory,” he is convinced.
“Just recall the state of affairs here before the modernization was
launched. I remember it. I think you do too. Therefore, we have turned it into
a good production facility, and you will, probably, like working here. We will
see next year,” the president added.
The head of state visited OAO Kamvol last time in December 2012. The
enterprise was in dire straits back then. The financial and economic situation
there was bad, major equipment was deteriorated by almost 90%.
Five years ago Alexander Lukashenko criticized such state of affairs and
made a number of tough personnel decisions. He promised to restore OAO Kamvol
to its workers.
The president has been keeping this issue under control for years. There
were two government conferences at the level of the president in July 2015 and
December 2015.

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