Condolences to family and friends of Valentin Falin

MIL OSI – Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English – Headline: Condolences to family and friends of Valentin Falin

Vladimir Putin expressed
his condolences to the family and friends of Valentin Falin. The message reads in part:“Valentin Falin was an incredible,
multi-talented man – an outstanding state and public figure, a brilliant
diplomat.His knowledge, experience and analytical
skills were in demand in the most complex and responsible areas of work. He
always coped with the tasks he was set with dignity, honestly serving the cause, the people, the Fatherland.” Valentin Falin, a well-known diplomat and journalist, former Ambassador of the Soviet Union to the Federal Republic of Germany (1971–1978), died on February 22, 2018, aged 91.