Expanded meeting of Interior Ministry Board

MIL OSI – Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English – Headline: Expanded meeting of Interior Ministry Board

Vladimir Putin took part
in the annual expanded meeting of the Interior Ministry Board. The discussion focused on the performance of the Interior Ministry bodies
in 2017 and the key priorities for 2018. The main report was made by Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev.* * *President of Russia Vladimir
Putin: Good
afternoon, colleagues.Today, as we do every year, we will analyse in detail the results of the Interior Ministry’s work over the past period, discuss tasks for the future and measures that will further enhance the protection of citizens’ rights, fight
crime, and ensure order in the streets and on the roads.I would like to note that in 2017, the Interior Ministry reinforced a number of positive trends. Thus, the number of solved crimes increased,
including murders, armed assaults and apartment burglaries. There was a decline
in street crime, although an insignificant one. Public order during major
international events, such as the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and the World
Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi, was ensured at a high level.However, the situation is not as good in other areas. You know that the overall number of solved
crimes dropped to almost 43 percent. In recent years, this indicator has been
unstable, growing and then decreasing again. Unfortunately, the situation has
not seriously changed for the better so far. Hence, the key principle of the inevitability of punishment is not fully implemented. This, of course, is a concern
for our society and our citizens, and the Interior Ministry bodies must not
become reconciled with the situation.Let me stress one more time the need to substantially improve the quality of investigation and interrogation. You know
better than anybody else does how important talent and professionalism are in this activity. Those who honestly and courageously do their duty deserve your
all-around support. You must operate in such a way that those guilty of crimes
are unable to get away with it.Ensuring public safety is one such important
objective. Any disturbance on the streets, transport, at sports venues or entertainment events requires a prompt response. It is also necessary to expand
the use of modern technology, to reach out to voluntary public order squads and other public structures to help the police duty details.The security of public institutions, especially
educational institutions, should also remain a priority. Let me highlight this
point. We need to do everything so that our children benefit from a living and learning environment that is calm and safe, and reduce the possible infractions
to a minimum.In 2017, the juvenile crime rate went down by 16 percent. Nevertheless, reducing this indicator should remain a priority for you. You need to promptly respond to all signals coming from teachers, parents
and school students, and to be proactive in preventing juvenile crime. This
effort should not be limited to those from the so-called high-risk groups. It is
not uncommon for children from well-off families to find themselves in dire
straits. It is essential that urgent issues are identified and dealt with in a timely manner so that they do not result in disaster or tragedy.Priorities for the Interior Ministry also
include countering extremism. Last year, the crime rate increased by 5 percent
in this category. A number of groups are arrogant and defiant in their actions.
They use social media to incite ethnic and religious intolerance, they organise
public campaigns without proper authorisation, and seek to recruit young
people. We need to be resolute in disrupting their activity and holding their
organisers accountable.Any illegal action designed to sow division in society and destabilise it is a serious threat, and it is your direct
responsibility to neutralise it without delay.To be