On March 15, Vladimir Putin will take part in Russia ‒ Land of Opportunity forum

Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English

On March 15, Vladimir Putin will meet
with the winners and finalists of different projects of the Russia ‒ Land of Opportunity forum,
including entrepreneurs, software experts, student inventors, engineers, doctors,
volunteers, artists, specialists and employees of private companies who received
a government job offer owing to the results of the forum’s contests.The President will make a speech at the final event of the forum. VDNKh [Exhibition
of Achievements of National Economy] is hosting the forum on March 13–1, when 6,500 participants from 85 Russian
regions at 35 different venues will discuss support for the projects that are
part of the open platform Russia ‒ Land of Opportunity.The main task of the platform is to create
a system of transparent social lifts, help talented young people and professionals achieve self-realisation in various fields, support charity and consolidate the best public initiatives.