All-Ukrainian forum “Science-Education-UA”

Source: Parliament of Ukraine

The All-Ukrainian forum “Science-Education-UA” has been triggered by the heads of the parliamentary Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Safety and the Committee on Science and Education
They did so within the framework of the XXV all-Ukrainian Olympiad on math, physics and informatics known under the name “Tournament of Champions” which took place in Vinnytsia.
Leading educators, scholars and hard sciences teachers also took part in the round-table discussion on secondary and higher education available in the country, the new law “On education” and other educational issues at stake.
Ukraine isn’t the richest country in Europe and in the world, but it invests enormous funds in secondary and higher education. On the other hand, the country has presently been placed in a situation when over four million of Ukrainian skilled labour seems to have flocked out to the West, having drawn off USD 40 bn pre-invested in money at the least.
The draft law “On Education” has been worked through very carefully at the Parliament. “Despite all this, it cannot do without changes.  The new Ukrainian school can and should be, but it cannot span the entire educational spectrum.  I am doggedly against an integrated teacher – ‘rolled into one’,” said an expert with long experience.
As MPs stressed, the proposals that were made at the forum by scholars and teachers would be classified and transformed into appropriate regulatory enactments.