Speaker voices ongoing plenary week’s schedule

Source: Parliament of Ukraine

“This week, the Parliament is primed for staffing the Central Election Commission,” — A.Parubiy at the Conciliation Board
At the Conciliation Board sitting on Monday, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andriy Parubiy said the Parliament was set for a fortnight on end to work in a plenary regime, so the general concept of work was needed badly.
A.Parubiy reminded that the last plenary week had ended with consideration of the intellectual property bill under No.7476, which should thus be this week’s opener.
Tuesday is scheduled for local communities’ snap (special) elections.
Wednesday shall traditionally bring ratification matters alongside with a range of health care issues.
Thursday is set for financial and banking bills and, if later on agreed, for one of the week’s key issues – staffing the Central Election Commission.
The Chair commissioned the Committee on Legal Policy and Justice to promptly make up the bill on the Supreme Anticorruption Court for its second reading at the Parliament, after more than two thousand amendments submitted previously.
“A large cluster of agrarian issues shall be seen at the next plenary week,” notified A.Parubiy in conclusion.