Working meeting with Novgorod Region Governor Andrei Nikitin

Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Nikitin, the topic is the traditional one – the situation in the Novgorod Region.
Governor of the Novgorod Region Andrei Nikitin: I would like to report some results, Mr President. The very first thing that you drew attention to is roads. When we got down to work, only 26 percent of our roads were in good condition. Thanks to your support, it was already 35 percent by the end of last year. We expect it to reach 42 percent in this year’s results.
Vladimir Putin: In your report it says 42 percent in 2019.
Andrei Nikitin: This is as of January 1, 2019, so it will definitely be 42 percent in 2019.
Of course, a significant issue is the mortality. Today we have a rather high mortality on the roads. It is not in keeping with the May executive order, so it will likely be our main focus for the next few years.
Vladimir Putin: Was there a slight decrease?
Andrei Nikitin: Yes, there was. But we must improve the M10 highway and regional roads in terms of guard rails and speed limits.
The region’s economy is growing. There has been a 105 percent increase in industrial production. Private investment has grown by some 7 billion this year.
I am pleased to note that exports are also growing. We have worked quite well with the Russian Export Centre. About 40 new enterprises entered export markets; these are medium-sized businesses. Of course, this is of great interest for us. We are close to ports and roads. All this creates the correct economic task.
Vladimir Putin: What products are mainly exported?
Andrei Nikitin: Such a simple example – we have Russia’s only IKEA plant in the region. There is no IKEA store, as the region is too small, but the plant manufactures products for Moscow, St Petersburg and Brazil.
We started to export doors – we have a good door-making plant. We also began to export food. We are negotiating with Japan – we are in the final stage of certifying our agricultural products. We will export seaberry extracts and vegetable oils to Japan. So, active work is underway.
To be continued.