Law Enforcement officers and Public Activists conducted an interesting security lesson for Ryazan schoolchildren

Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English

Within the framework of the preventive actions “Safe Internet for children!” and “Vacations with Public Council” in the conference hall of the Central Children’s Library of Ryazan, with the support of the Public Council under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Ryazan Region, an interesting meeting of police officers with schoolchildren took place. The motto of the event sounded proud and convincing: “The future of Russia is us!”
Senior Inspector for Juvenile Affairs Tatyana Pankratova told the school students about their rights and duties and explained in detail why the responsibility for various crimes comes in different age periods. In addition, the inspector reminded the young listeners about the rules of safe behavior on the street, at home and in the Internet.
Immediately after a short but serious lecture, the police officer gave the children a rather difficult task: to give an example of a dangerous situation that children might encounter in everyday life, and explain to their classmates the ways to prevent or avoid such a situation.
Despite the high level of complexity of the task, the kids showed wit and demonstrated good knowledge of the rules of safe behavior in public places. They also managed to come up with explanations for themselves, why on the Internet, which at first glance, provides safe and unlimited access to useful information, schoolchildren may get into danger. After the task was completed, the kids asked their questions to the Juvenile inspector, and received detailed answers.
At the end of the event Ryazan schoolchildren consolidated their knowledge by writing a cinquain on the topic “Law”. The kids liked this interesting conversation. They thanked the police officer for useful and important information they received.