EU-NATO cooperation: Council welcomes progress in the implementation of the common 74 actions

Source: European Union” itemprop=”email”>Virginie Battu
Press officer
. Reaffirming its Conclusions of 6 December 2016 and of 19 June 2017 and 5 December 2017, the Council, considering that EU and NATO continue to face common security challenges, welcomes the continued close and mutually reinforcing co-operation with NATO. This co-operation takes place in areas of shared interest, both strategically and operationally, in crisis management in support of international peace and security as well as on defence capability development where requirements overlap working with and for the benefit of all Member States. For the EU, the implementation of the Joint Declaration signed in Warsaw in July 2016 by the President of the European Council, the President of the European Commission and the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization remains a key political priority with the overall objective of building a true organisation-to-organisation relationship. It constitutes an essential element of broader efforts aimed at strengthening the Union’s ability to act as a securit y provider and strengthen its ability to cooperate with partners and to protect its citizens.
2. With regards to the ongoing EU initiatives aiming at strengthening security and defence, the Council recalls all relevant Conclusions, in particular those of November 2016, March, May and November 2017. The Council stresses that security and defence efforts of the EU and NATO substantially contribute, in a coherent manner, to a secure Europe, entailing both benefits and responsibilities, and for those Member States concerned, fostering an equitable sharing of the burden.3. Recalling that the common set of proposals is not a standalone document and must be read in conjunction with the relevant Council conclusions, the Council welcomes further progress made in the implementation of the common set of proposals (a total of 74 actions). In this regard, it acknowledges the third progress report submitted jointly by the High Representative/Vice President/Head of the European Defence Agency and the Secretary General of NATO in accordance with paragraph 7 of the Council Conclusions of 5 December 2017.
4. The Council acknowledges ongoing work and stresses the importance of ensuring demonstrable progress, and communicating it to the public where relevant, in all areas listed in the Joint Declaration signed in Warsaw and specified in the common set of proposals, including the new topics, such as military mobility, counter-terrorism, and women, peace and security.
5. The Council reaffirms that EU-NATO cooperation will continue to take place in the spirit of full openness and transparency, in full respect of the decision-making autonomy and procedures of both organisations and in close cooperation with and full involvement of Member States. It is based on the principles of inclusiveness and reciprocity without prejudice to the specific character of the security and defence policy of any Member State.
6. The Council recalls that NATO cooperation with the non-NATO EU Member States is an integral part of EU-NATO cooperation. In this regard, the Council welcomes the positive contribution of non-NATO EU Member States to NATO activities. Such activities are an integral part of EU-NATO cooperation and the Council strongly supports their continuation.
7. The Council invites the High Representative/Vice President/Head of the European Defence Agency to continue progress on implementation, in close cooperation with Member States, ensuring their full involvement and transparency, and looks forward to receiving the next report, to be submitted jointly in June 2019.
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