In the Irkutsk Region, “Magic trolleybus” united the children and adults on the issue of safety on the roads in Bratsk

Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English

In the Irkutsk Region, police officers and young traffic inspectors became participants in the traditional action “Magic Trolleybus”.
The event, aimed at ensuring the safety of children on the streets and roads during vacation time, is being held in Bratsk for the tenth time. This year, the action, which for residents of Bratsk became a symbol of the beginning of summer, was held near the television center, where two local TV and radio companies and the TV and radio broadcasting center with a famous attraction of Bratsk, one of the highest television towers in the region were neighbors.
The most spectacular and cheerful event was the dance flash-mob performed by the kids from the YTI teams. Children, who came to the festival, immediately joined the action, which was held against the recital of poems on the Traffic rules. In addition, all those gathered in the square took an active part in the quiz on the rules of the road, which was conducted by the outreach inspector of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the MIA of Russia Inter-municipal Administration “Bratskoye”. Correct answers were rewarded with sweet prizes.
At the end of the fest, the organizers congratulated young residents of Bratsk, as well as their parents, on the start of summer holidays and urged adults to protect children from accidents on the roads. Police officers recalled that it was everyone’s duty to not only teach the rules of safe conduct on the street to small pedestrians, but also to be a worthy example of such conduct.