Preventive talks with little pedestrians are being held by Traffic Police officers in Crimea

Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English

In order to prevent children’s road injuries and reduce the number of road accidents, officers of the Traffic Police Unit of the Division of the Russian MIA for the Pervomaysky District are carrying out preventive work with little pedestrians.
One of such events took place at a children’s playground in a school of the district. Road safety promotion inspector of the Traffic Police unit Alexey Kodak told children walking outdoors about the main Traffic Rules related to pedestrians and bicyclists. Children listened to the Traffic Police officers with a keen interest and actively participated in the event demonstrating their good knowledge of the rules of safe behavior on the road. A police officer told children that exiting a building they should immediately make sure that there are no cars approaching from anywhere. If there are cars parked in the yard or the view is obstructed by bushes and trees, it is necessary to make sure that there is no car beyond them. Children should be attentive during the entire walk.
At the end of the event, inspectors handed over road safety reminders to all the children.
Officers of the Traffic Police will be carrying out such events throughout the summer in yards of apartment buildings across the Pervomaysky District.