Police dog that won foreign fans with tricks in Sochi is named Stefa

Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English

After the match between the national teams of Australia and Peru that took place in Sochi within the 2018 FIFA World Cup, a video with a performance by a dog expert and his police dog in front of foreign fans was posted in the Internet (https://www.instagram.com/p/Bkf4mItABuG). A crew of the Police Dog Service demonstrated several tricks that amazed the guests of the tournament.
On the day of the match, the dog expert from the Novokubansky District and his four-legged assistant German shepherd named Stefa worked at the Fisht stadium at the checkpoint of vehicles. Stefa was to examine trucks entering the territory of the stadium. The dog expert took the dog for a walk to give her some rest and threw a ball to her. Stefa who likes such games very much was pleased to support her instructor and demonstrated several tricks that attracted the fans’ attention. The video with the dog expert and the police dog immediately became popular in the Internet.
The performers serve at the Russian MIA Division for the Novokubansky District. The dog expert had started working with the German shepherd when she was a puppy. Today, Stefa is 3 years old. In 2016, the dog expert and his dog completed training at the Rostov Police Dog Training School. Stefa is specializing in detection of explosives, firearms and ammunition. Last year, she became the best one at the territorial competitions in detection of explosive items during luggage examination.
Today’s mission of the police dog team is not the first one. This team is regularly engaged in safety protection at public events, including of the global scale. “Playing a ball is what Stefa likes most”, explains Maxim. “It is the ball that encourages her. This is why she is demonstrating wonderful results at work and tricks that were so much appreciated by the fans.”