To break a House of Cards. In Irkutsk, the court passed a sentence to the head of a construction company who had deceived shared construction investors for 180 million rubles

Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English

“The Kirovskiy District Court of Irkutsk passed a guilty verdict with regard to the head of a construction company who had committed theft of another’s property by deception in the amount of 180 million rubles,” said the official representative of the Russian MIA Irina Volk.
During the preliminary investigation, 158 people living in 10 regions of the country, including Moscow and the Moscow Region, the Khanty-Mansiysk, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Districts and a number of other constituent entities of the Russian Federation were recognized as victims.
“The defendant in the criminal case from 2013 to 2016 attracted money from citizens under the guise of building so-called townhouses, the construction of which was allegedly planned to be carried out in a suburb of Irkutsk. The company’s clients were given the opportunity to choose a spacious country house in a convenient and prestigious area at a price of about 20 thousand rubles per square meter. In fact, the developer had only preliminary agreements on the acquisition of these land plots and did not carry out any activity aimed at fulfilling the obligations to customers for almost three years. During this time, they built only a few houses that turned out to be uninhabitable. Even to date, they have not been commissioned,” added Irina Volk.
The organization’s activities were stopped by police officers of the MIA of Russia GA for the Irkutsk Region in July 2016 after a number of citizens had applied to internal affairs bodies. In the framework of the criminal case, 50 handwriting, computer, construction, accounting and other examinations were conducted. About 300 people were interviewed as witnesses. The total size of the criminal case exceeded 90 volumes.
“In order to ensure the execution of the sentence in terms of the civil lawsuit and compensation for the damage caused at the request of the preliminary investigation bodies, money and property were arrested,” said Irina Volk.
The court sentenced the woman to 9 years of imprisonment in a penal colony of general regime. At the moment, the sentence has not entered into force.