President of the Republic of Poland / News / President attends Independence Gala in Lublin

Source: Republic of Poland in English

Lublin was a ‘hotbed’ of the rebirth of a free Poland, President Duda said at a Sunday concert and Independence Gala in the eastern city of Lublin.

During the gala, held to mark the centenary of Poland regaining independence, veterans of Poland’s fight for independence were also honoured. The President thanked organisers for his invitation and said he had decided to attend because it was in Lublin itself that “independence started.”

“The first Provisional Government with Prime Minister Ignacy Daszyński at the helm emerged right here,” the President noted. “Lublin was the hotbed of a free Poland, which was reborn after 123 years of partitions.”

After his speech, the President handed a Polish flag over to representatives of the Independence Foundation, which is involved in the maintenance and dissemination of Polish heritage and Polish culture. “Symbolic, presidential red-and-white for the Independence Foundation on the centenary of regaining independence,” Andrzej Duda said as he handed over the flag.

On behalf of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Centenary of Regaining Independence medals were awarded for service to the state and society. The recipients were veterans of the country’s fight for independence – soldiers of the Home Army. The medals were awarded by Lublin Province Governor Przemysław Czarnek and Law and Justice MP and Lublin mayoral candidate Sylwester Tułajew.

Diplomas and commemorative medals were also awarded by the province governor to representatives of 10 NGOs – patriotic, historic and paramilitary. Czarnek wished them all to “delight in independence, which was given to us as a task to maintain for the next hundred years.”

A diploma and medal were also awarded to the Tadeusz Sygietyński ‘Mazowsze’ National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble, which performed during the gala. President Duda was enthusiastic about the folk ensemble’s contribution to Polish culture.

Opening the ‘Mazowsze’ concert, Andrzej Duda said that, “‘Mazowsze’ is absolutely super professional and absolutely reliable and prompts tears with the way it presents such extremely important elements of our culture, extremely ingrained in our folklore.”

He went on to state that such folklore had helped Poland survive when it did not exist on the map and that it cemented the national sense of community. He also praised the city of Lublin and the concert venue.

Also participating in the gala evening were reconstructors of various historical eras, accompanied by a show of military equipment. (PAP)