Congratulations to Aleksandrov Ensemble on its 90th anniversary

Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English

The message reads, in part:
“Founded by outstanding composer, choir master and teacher Alexander Aleksandrov, the country’s oldest creative company is by right our national pride and glory, the true wealth of Russia.
Many generations of talented musicians, choreographers and performers not only established remarkable professional traditions of the ensemble and created its unique repertoire but became the genuine champions and patriots by faithfully serving their Motherland.
We will always remember the ensemble members who followed the course of the Great Patriotic War and those who were flying to Syria to support our soldiers and officers and lost their lives when their aircraft crashed on December 25, 2016.
Today, you continue to cherish the richest legacy of your predecessors and tirelessly perform for your audiences. You triumphantly conquer the most famous venues in Russia and across the world. I have no doubt this is how it will continue to be.”