Vladimir Kolokoltsev and Herbert Kickl discussed topical issues of law enforcement cooperation between Russia and Austria

Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English

“Today, Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation General of Police of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev held a meeting with Federal Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Austria Herbert Kickl,” said the official representative of the MIA of Russia Irina Volk.
Vladimir Kolokoltsev noted that contacts within the Russian-Austrian task group for coordination of the fight against organized crime remain the key form of the cooperation between the two security agencies: “The Russian MIA sees this format as the essential practical mechanism for the bilateral collaboration. The parties put most urgent issues related to the fight against common threats to national security on the agenda for alignment.”
The parties have agreed that the Memorandum of Cooperation for 2017-2019 between the Russian MIA and Austria’s Federal Ministry of the Interior has become the key to the successful practical collaboration.
During the meeting with the Austrian partners, the Russian party suggested intensification of the communication between the two ministries’ dedicated units for staff training, including participation in forum “Theory and practice of forensics: world experience, challenges and prospects” and in scientific and practical conference “Urgent issues in combating illegal migration” to be held at the premises of the V. Ya. Kikot Moscow University of the Russian MIA.
The participants in the meeting stressed that illegal migration still remains one of the factors increasing the cross-border crime rate and inducing interethnic and interconfessional tension. Solution of this problem is a critical task requiring a comprehensive approach.
The Chief of the Russian MIA stressed that combating terrorism and extremism should be a focus of the joint work, which is why information exchange through Interpol is essential.
Vladimir Kolokoltsev emphasized that another threat to security today is drug trafficking expansion that is causing damage to whole states and is closely related to transnational crime, smuggling and human trafficking. Criminals are using the Internet not only as an advertising and propaganda platform, but also as means of communication, recruitment of sellers and couriers, and a method and site for selling narcotics.
The Russian Minister suggested organizing joint work with the Austrian colleagues to detect “financial centers” of drug business and exchange successful experience in countering drug income laundering.
In addition, the Chief of the Russian ministry thanked Austria’s Federal Ministry of the Interior for the assistance in the extradition from Austria to Russia of Aslan Gagiev accused of being the head of a criminal organization guilty of over 60 murders.
At the end of the talk, Vladimir Kolokoltsev thanked Herbert Kickl for the meaningful discussion and expressed his confidence that the cooperation between the Russian MIA and the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior would accumulate new practical content in the interests of citizens of the two countries.