Polish businessmen satisfied with current economic situation

Source: Republic of Poland in English

Inaugurating the 590 Congress in Jasionka near Rzeszów (south-east Poland) on Thursday, President Andrzej Duda said that Polish businessmen are satisfied with the current economic situation. He stressed Poland needed a stronger capital.

The 3rd edition of the congress is to be attended by almost 6,000 people. It is being held under the patronage of the President.

“We have our Strategy of Responsible Development. Owing to this, many programmes are being implemented now. What can be said about this development,” the President asked and stressed it should be seen as good, or even very good.

The President added that he had just met with a group of Polish businessmen and was very glad to hear “that generally, they are satisfied with the current economic situation and that their businesses were developing, with regard to the number of jobs, investments and incomes.”

“Of course, we also spoke about the future, about what we expect and what we want,” President Duda went on to say, stressing that Poland needed more capital. “This is what we have lacked from the very beginning,” he underlined.

President Duda also emphasised the special nature of this year’s congress as it is being held in the year of Poland’s independence centenary. (PAP)