Igor Zubov took part in the annual strategic meeting of the Group of Personal Representatives of the Heads of Governments of the Baltic Sea States

Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English

State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Igor Zubov headed the Russian delegation at the annual strategic meeting of Personal Representatives of the Heads of Governments of the Baltic Sea States Group on Cooperation in Combating Organized Crime at the annual strategic meeting held in Riga (Latvia).
In his report to the participants of this representative international event, Igor Zubov reflected the Russian view of the strategic trends in the development of transnational organized crime and informed foreign colleagues about the possible involvement of special services of certain states in drug trafficking and illegal arms transfers.
The State Secretary – Deputy Minister justified the need to intensify international efforts to deprive terrorist organizations of financial and material resources, which currently come largely from transnational drug groups. He expressed the opinion that multibillion-dollar amounts of criminal proceeds and the flow of arms, explosives, and ammunition to terrorists cannot pass without the control of international financial and monitoring institutions.
Igor Zubov called for the creation of international data banks on the leaders and active participants of the groups and invited Western partners to provide mutual access to relevant information. He assessed positively the results of joint operations in the anti-drug and migration areas.
The Russian position was met with understanding by the participants of the event, who, in turn, shared their experience in countering the transnational organized crime.