Representatives of the MIA of Russia took part in the international Anti-drug interregional forum of leaders of youth volunteer movements

Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English

The forum guests were welcomed by Deputy Chief of the MIA of Russia GA for Drug Control Sergey Sotnikov, leaders of volunteer movements of anti-drug orientation, representatives of anti-drug commissions in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, as well as public figures.
“In your activity, we see meaningful understanding of the importance of promoting healthy lifestyle. We are seeing the results of a gradual, but confident movement towards the creation of a strong and free from harmful addictions society here, at the site of the Anti-drug interregional forum of leaders of youth volunteer movements,” said Sergey Sotnikov addressing social activists.
He has explained that the structure of the drug market is changing significantly and the practice of drugs distributing via the Internet is constantly expanding.
The issue of countering drug addiction among young people is especially important. The problem affects the health and future welfare of the nation, destroys generations of economically strong and talented people, and undermines the foundations of stability and security of the state.
“In these conditions, we are clearly aware that law enforcement measures alone cannot overcome the threat and change the attitude of the country’s population towards the problem of drug addiction. Coordinated, clear and effective prevention and educational methods must be used. And the leading role in this work belongs to the anti-drug youth volunteer movement,” added the Deputy Chief of the MIA of Russia GA for Drug Control.