Suspect in fraud committed against a veteran of Great Patriotic War was remanded in custody

Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English

“Today, at the request of the investigative bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the Moscow District Court of St. Petersburg chose a preventive measure in the form of remand in custody for the 28-year-old previously convicted resident of the village of Kudrovo, the Leningrad Region, who was suspected of fraudulent actions against a veteran of the Great Patriotic War,” reported the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Irina Volk.
As reported previously, the information about the unlawful act was revealed by MIA staff during the monitoring of media publications. The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, General of the Police of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev instructed the leadership of the regional GA to immediately check the published information, and in the event the information was confirmed the to take a decision, as soon as possible, on initiating a criminal case and detain persons involved in the crime.
The check found that the offender called the veteran’s home phone and introduced himself as an employee of a manufacturer of medical devices. Having gained confidence, he entered the victim’s apartment. Then, having stolen a large amount, of cash he disappeared. The material damage amounted to about 1 million rubles.
The criminal case was initiated on the grounds of the crime provided for in part 3 of Article 159 of the Russian Criminal Code,” said Irina Volk.