Vyacheslav Zhuk has become Russian citizen

Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English

“Today, Intermunicipal Division ‘Matveevo-Kurgansky’ of the Russian MIA for the Rostov Region presented a Russian citizen’s passport to Vyacheslav Zhuk aged 63,” said the official representative of the Russian MIA Irina Volk.
Within joint project “Not Alone” implemented by the Russian MIA and the Russia Today TV channel, Vyacheslav Zhuk received assistance in acquisition of citizenship of the Russian Federation according to the simplified procedure and within a shortest possible period.
“He had been serving as a career officer in the Soviet Army for 20 years. This August, he arrived to Russia from Ukraine and immediately applied for Russian citizenship to the Russian MIA Division for Migration Issues,” added Irina Volk.
Vyacheslav Zhuk was born in 1955 in a serviceman’s family in the Uzbek SSR. His family had moved a lot, but in the early 1970s they stayed to reside in Poltava. After graduation from the school, he enrolled in the Poltava Higher Anti-Aircraft Missile Command Red Banner School named after Army General Vatutin. Then, he served in Germany, Central Asia and in the Far East. In October 1992, he was assigned to the Odessa Military District, and in December 1992 he retired from military service in the rank of lieutenant-colonel.