Suspect of fraud was brought from Indonesia to Russia

Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English

“Today, a 30-year-old head of a travel company, accused of fraud, was brought from Indonesia to Russia accompanied by officers of the National Central Bureau of Interpol of the Russian MIA. More than 50 victims suffered a damage, the total amount of which exceeded 4 million rubles,” said the official representative of the MIA of Russia Irina Volk.
Earlier, officers of the Division for Economic Security and Combating the Corruption of the MIA of Russia Inter-District Administration “Krasnoyarskoye” found that the director of a travel agency had received money from clients as payment for foreign travel, but those funds were not transferred into the accounts of tour-operators.
Criminal cases on the grounds of crimes provided for by Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation were initiated and were being investigated.
The suspect escaped from law enforcement bodies, a preventive measure in the form of remand in custody was chosen for her in absentia, and then she was put on the international wanted list.
As a result of international cooperation of competent authorities, the wanted person was detained in Indonesia.