Vladimir Kolokoltsev held a meeting of the Government Commission on Crime Prevention

Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English

Today, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation General of the Police of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev chaired a meeting of the Government Commission on Crime Prevention held at the MIA of Russia.
Vladimir Kolokoltsev recalled that in June last year, criminal liability was introduced for involving adolescents in committing actions that endanger their lives, and suggested to substantively analyze the existing practice and sum-up the first results.
“In 2017, the number of links received by Rospotrebnadzor for peer review on this topic increased fivefold – to 24,000. Moreover, in almost all cases, decisions were made to block the links. In total, more than 60 thousand pointers of Internet resources containing this content have been included in the Unified Register of Prohibited Information. Access to 100 thousand of such pages in social networks has been limited,” the Chairman of the Government Commission noted.
The Chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia emphasized that along with that the Ministry implements a complex of social measures aimed at preventing and solving crimes in this area. Operational and preventive measures are being carried out among adolescents, and close cooperation with the agencies concerned has been established.
The participants agreed that the absolute priority for all subjects of crime prevention is the timely identification of persons who involve children in actions that endanger their lives. An important step here was the adoption by the Government of the Russian Federation of the Rules for the Identification of Internet Users. This procedure will become mandatory from May next year.
In addition, at the legislative level, a mechanism is being created that will allow blocking the access to Internet pages with illegal content without their removal. Such an approach will significantly reduce the time costs, optimize the activities of law enforcement bodies to collect and register the necessary evidence. Another draft federal law, which is now in the State Duma, obliges the owners of public networks to prevent the dissemination of prohibited information.
The meeting participants identified further measures to improve the effectiveness of this work.