5.5 tons of fake red caviar will not reach retail outlets

Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English

Officers of the MIA of Russia GA for Criminal Investigation (CI), in cooperation with the ES&CC Division of the Internal Affairs Administration (IAA) for the South-Eastern Administrative District (SEAD) of the MIA of Russia GA for Moscow, with the participation of Rosgvardia, suppressed the activity of a clandestine workshop for the production of a product imitating red caviar. The capacity of two lines was 4-5 thousand cans per day. Policemen seized about 5.5 tons of falsified product from the illicit trafficking.
Finished products packed in cans with logos of well-known producers from the Sakhalin Region and the Kamchatka Territory, under the guise of natural salmon caviar, were supplied in large quantities to the food markets of the Central Federal District of the country.
Police officers made a test purchase of this product: as a result of forensic examination of the product no fish DNA was found in the samples.
Currently, counterfeit products have been withdrawn from illegal trafficking. Five workers of the workshop citizens of the Central Asia republics, illegally staying in the territory of the Russian Federation, were detained. Operational-search measures are being taken to locate and apprehend the organizer of the unlawful activity. In the near future a procedural decision will be made in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.