On publication of a new statistical dataset (29.12.2018)

Source: Central Bank of the Russian Federation in English

Information Notice
On publication of a new statistical dataset
For the purpose of broadening informational support to users, the Bank of Russia launches publication of statistical data on the dynamics of international trade of the Russian Federation in services in regional breakdown.
The new publication contains data on volume of exports and imports of services within main service categories broken down by regions of the Russian Federation for Q1 and Q2 of 2018. The data are used as a basis for monitoring realization of a prioritized national project aimed at development of international cooperation and exports, enhancing the analytic capabilities for measuring development of non-commodity trade and regions` input in the Russian Federation`s international trade in services.
The materials are posted on the official website of the Bank of Russia on the Internet within Statistics/Macroeconomic Financial Statistics/External Sector Statistics subdirectory under External Trade in Services and to be updated on the dates set out in the Official Statistics Release Calendar.

29 December 2018
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