Construction price index for residential buildings in November 2018: +4.8% on a year earlier

Source: Destatis Statistisches Bundesamt – In English

Highest year-on-year increase since November 2007

WIESBADEN – In November 2018, the construction price index for conventionally constructed new residential buildings (construction work performed at the building; including turnover tax) in Germany was up 4.8% compared with November 2017. In August 2018, as reported by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), the price index increased 4.6% on a year earlier. Compared with August 2018, the price index for residential buildings rose by 0.8% in November 2018.
As far as non-residential buildings were concerned, the price index for office buildings was up 4.7% in November 2018 compared with November 2017. The index for industrial buildings rose by 4.8%. The price index relating to road construction rose 7.1% compared with the corresponding month of the preceding year.
Basic data and long time series are available in tables Price indices for the construction industry (61261-0001 to 61261-0006) in the GENESIS-Online database.
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