Meeting with Head of RusHydro Nikolai Shulginov

Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English

Public Joint-Stock Company Federal Hydro-Generating Company RusHydro is a Russian energy company that owns most of the hydroelectric power plants in Russia. It is one of the largest generating companies in the country.
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President of Russia Vladimir Putin: What can you say about last year, Mr Shulginov?
Head of RusHydro Nikolai Shulginov: The RusHydro group of companies has shown steady growth in operating performance. The output of the group as a whole, and of each of the hydropower plants, was higher than in 2017, although that year was also a record one.
The capacity of the group’s power plants increased by 335 MW after the opening of a new power plant in Vladivostok – the 140 MW Vostochnaya CHPP. Also, a few days ago, we completed the launch of the third hydraulic unit at the Ust-Srednekanskaya HPP, the last but one in Magadan, on the Kolyma River. The overall capacity increased by another 50 MW as a result of the modernisation of our hydroplants.
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