A resident of the Amur Region is accused of committing a fraud in the construction sphere

Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English

Investigators of the Investigation Administration of the MIA of Russia Administration for the Amur Region completed the investigation of a criminal case against a resident of Blagoveshchensk. The man has been charged with committing a fraud on a particularly large scale.
During the preliminary investigation, it was established that in 2013 the resident of the Amur Region developed a scheme for the theft of funds. He registered with the tax authority a limited liability company, whose main activity were construction works of various kind. As the director of this company, the citizen had concluded contracts with the administrations of five districts of the Amur Region for restoration of various structures. In the absence of real ability to fulfill the terms of these contracts, the defendant attracted subcontractors to their performance.
It was established that a part of the funds transferred as advance payments by the administrations of the districts, had been transferred by the citizen to the settlement accounts of ephemeral firms under the guise of payment for services rendered.
At the end of the construction work, the head of the enterprise compiled documents in which he included overestimated data on the volume of work performed and the amount of materials used. Thus, the stolen by deception funds in the amount of more than 6,700,000 rubles were transferred to the account of a limited liability company opened by him.
In the course of the investigation, it was also established that the head of the company did not pay for the work performed by one of the subcontractors to an amount exceeding four million rubles, thereby evading the performance of obligations under the subcontract.
Currently, the investigation of criminal cases under paragraph “b” of part 2 of Article 165 of the Criminal Code and part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is completed. The defendant will soon be brought to justice.