Visit to Chkalov State Flight Test Centre

Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English

Vladimir Putin examined samples of advanced modern aviation technology, including the Kinzhal missile system, MiG and Su aircraft, and the Okhotnik-B, Inokhodets, Korsar and Forpost-R unmanned aerial vehicles. The Supreme Commander-in-Chief also examined air defence equipment – the Kasta 2-2B, Podlet and Valdai radar stations, the Fundament-M automated control system, the Pantsir family of air defence missiles, the Vityaz S-350 air defence missile system, the Tor-M2U combat vehicle, the Buk-M3 self-propelled missile system, and the S-300V4 air defence missile launcher.
The Chkalov Centre is the largest test centre of Russia’s Aerospace Forces. It is a base for testing aviation and aeronautical systems for various purposes, as well as aircraft avionics, onboard electronic equipment and weapons. The Chkalov Centre also has a special aviation alpine centre.
When landing at the Chkalov State Flight Test Centre airfield, the President’s airplane was accompanied by a group of six Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets. Later, Vladimir Putin briefly talked with their pilots.