Schemers earned a billion rubles, giving fake diagnoses to pensioners

Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English

“Officers of the MIA of Russia Main Directorate of Economic Security and Combatting Corruption (ES&CC), in cooperation with the ES&CC Directorate of the MIA of Russia Main Directorate for Moscow and colleagues from the Chuvash Republic, revealed a large-scale criminal scheme of stealing citizens’ money under the pretext of providing paid medical services,” said the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Irina Volk.
“It was established that the participants of the interregional group, under the leadership of a previously convicted citizen of a foreign country, created a network of medical clinics in a number of Russian regions with the aim of obtaining super-profits. Staff of call-centers controlled by the organizer, got the confidence of citizens, and urged them to undergo a medical check-up. And then the staff of these institutions, who did not have special medical education, deceived the elderly people saying that they had diseases that required urgent and expensive treatment. The victims were persuaded to apply for loans of up to 500 thousand rubles to pay for fictitious medical services,” Irina Volk said.
According to preliminary information, over 11 thousand citizens suffered from the illegal activities, the total damage amounted to at least one billion rubles.
On this fact the Investigation Administration of the MIA for the Chuvash Republic initiated a criminal case on the grounds of the crime stipulated by part 4 of Article 159 of the RF Criminal Code.
Officers of the MIA of Russia Main Directorate of Economic Security and Combatting Corruption, together with colleagues from the Chuvash Republic and territorial units, with the participation of the Rosgvardia in the cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, and in the Chuvash Republic, Vladimir, Kaluga, Ryazan and Yaroslavl regions conducted more than 50 searches in residential premises and offices. Monetary funds, computer equipment, mobile phones, electronic media, accounting documents and other items of evidentiary value in the criminal case were found and seized.
25 people were taken to the investigating authorities. Currently, measures for the establishment of all persons involved in the said illegal activities, continue.