Meeting with Viktor Medvedchuk

Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English

Viktor Medvedchuk: Mr President, I would like to share my impressions from yesterday’s visit to the European Parliament in continuing our conversation today. In particular, the peace plan I presented on the orders of our political authority, issues pertaining to peace settlement and cessation of hostilities, which is fully based on the Minsk agreements and repeats the Minsk agreements approved by the UN Security Council resolution.
This meeting was very interesting and I will talk about it later, but it is very important to note that it was attended by several representatives: the newly elected European deputies from Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria and Slovakia. At that meeting, where many questions were asked, I presented the approaches that can improve the situation today and finally implement the Minsk agreements in full.
I talked about our goal to return the people first, not the territories: through the language and their wish to return. We call it to return Donbass to Ukraine and return Ukraine to Donbass.
There were a lot of questions, questions related to the relations between Russia and Ukraine as regards peaceful settlement, but all this was accompanied by these people’s desire to help bring peace to Ukraine and a ceasefire to southeastern Ukraine. And let me say that this interest was not superficial. It was a sincere and productive discussion. It is also important – and the deputies noted this – that it was time that the monopoly of the “war party” that was in power, Mr Poroshenko’s party, on providing information on developments in Ukraine was over. This monopoly is over, because yesterday the European Parliament deputies heard a point of view from a different part of Ukraine, the “peace party’s” point of view on what needs to be done in order to really achieve peace.
To be continued.