Members of an organized group who had stolen more than five million rubles from ATMs were convicted in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English

“The Kansky District Court of the Krasnoyarsk Territory issued guilty verdicts in respect of five members of an organized group who were found guilty of eight episodes of theft of cash from ATMs.
It was established that the offenders penetrated into the premises of various organizations and institutions in the territory of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, where the payment terminals were located, and attacked security guards. After that, they broke open the bank ATM and took the money. The total damage exceeded 5 million rubles.
As previously reported, criminal investigators of the MIA of Russia GA for the Krasnoyarsk Territory with the participation of the Rosgvardia as a result of operative-search activities, on suspicion of committing crimes, detained four residents of the Moscow Region and a native of one of the CIS countries.
The Investigative unit of the GA for Investigation of the MIA of Russia GA for the Krasnoyarsk Territory initiated a criminal case on the grounds of crimes provided for by Articles 30, 158 and 161 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.
The court sentenced the defendants to imprisonment terms from 4 years to 6 years with the sentence to be served in a strict-regime correctional colony. The sentence entered into force,” said the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Irina Volk.