Police officers detained a suspect in the theft of gold items worth 770 thousand rubles

Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English

Police officers in the Penza Region detained a suspect of stealing jewelry worth 770 thousand rubles, committed in one of the shopping centers in Penza.
Staff of the jewelry department told the police that they had found ten gold items missing from a display case — five chains, two watch bracelets and three rubber bracelets with gold clasps. Sellers explained that they had opened one of the display cases to show an item to a buyer and had forgotten to close it. After some time, they found that the contents of the display case had disappeared.
During the operational-search activities, police established the involvement in the theft of a 30-year-old native of Kabardino-Balkaria, who had been repeatedly prosecuted for similar crimes. Operatives detained him in Samara and the suspect confessed to the crime.
It was established that the man, using the passing transport, was heading from Moscow to Samara where he intended to purchase spare parts for his car. When he drove past Penza, he invited the driver to drive into the city in order to purchase food. They stopped near a shopping center located in the Zheleznodorozhny District. The passenger got out of the car and on the way to the supermarket noticed a jewelry department, which was located near the exit. Its display cases were turned to visitors, and one of them was unlocked. The suspect got sure that the shop assistants were distracted by other customers, opened the unlocked display case and stole jewelry, after which he immediately left the trading center. He did not inform the driver of the vehicle about his deed and traveled to Samara, where he sold the stolen things to a pawnshop.
On the fact of a theft in a large amount, the Investigative Division of the MIA of Russia Administration for the city of Penza initiated a criminal case on the grounds of a crime under paragraph 3 of Article 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. This article presumes a punishment in the form of imprisonment for a term of up to 6 years. Taking to custody was determined as the preventive measure selected for the suspect.