Meeting with Valery Abramov and Viktor Perevalov

Source: President of Russia – The Kremlin – English

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon.
I have been wanting to see you since I saw the results of your work in Kaliningrad. You built a very good road, of very high quality. I hope we will be able to continue this kind of work in Kaliningrad. I know there is little road construction right now, but there are plans to develop the road system in Kaliningrad Region. The plans have not been given up; we will continue this work in Kaliningrad Region.
I have seen this road project here. Several days ago, I flew over practically the entire route. How long is overall? 282 kilometres?
Valery Abramov: 250.
Vladimir Putin: 250, in Crimea. But there is also Sevastopol, so 282.2 in all.
Valery Abramov: With access roads, it will be 258.
Vladimir Putin: All right, you know better. I have 282.2 in my notes, but that is not important. These are details. It is important that it opens on schedule.
As I understand it, the first two-lane section has already been launched. How is work proceeding? What do you think about what still has to be done?
To be continued.