Police in St. Petersburg revealed a network of outlets illegally selling cigarettes and alcohol

Source: Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in English

Officers of the MIA of Russia GA for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region revealed facts of sale of unmarked tobacco products and alcohol products without an appropriate license in several stores in the Nevsky District. The police also found a warehouse where counterfeit goods were stored. On this fact, a criminal case was initiated under part 6 of Article 171.1 of the Russian Criminal Code “Production, acquisition, storage, transportation or sale of goods and products without marking and (or) applying information labels required by the legislation of the Russian Federation on an especially large scale”.
During the investigation of the criminal case, the police established other stores in St. Petersburg as well as persons involved in this illegal activity. The other day, the police, with the support of the Rosgvardia fighters, conducted a series of searches in the places of residence of the main defendant and in 15 trade outlets in the city. A total of about 130 boxes of cigarettes and about 13 thousand bottles of strong alcohol were seized.
According to the forensic examination results, those tobacco products were not subject to sale in Russia. According to experts, the value of similar products in our country would be more than two million rubles.
The owner of the illegal business conducted under the guise of legitimate entrepreneurial activity turned to be a 55-year-old citizen of one of the Transcaucasian states.  His trade outlets were lawfully registered and carried out retail trade in drinks and cigarettes under the guise of a retail network.  However, illegal goods were sold in stores, including sales in large quantities.
The businessman has been previously repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility for violating the law in the areas of the sale of alcohol and entrepreneurship. However, the network owner ignored the criminal case initiated against him and continued his illegal activities. The man has been interrogated as a criminal suspect. Now he faces a possible term of up to six years in prison.